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In 1995 the experienced Danish timber frame specialist DanWood partnered their cutting edge technology with the biggest Polish construction company (Budimex) and has become one of the biggest players of turn-key houses since, building about 6000 houses per year across Europe, the majority of which is ordered from Germany. Dan-Wood was the biggest supplier of turn-key houses in Germany in the year 2015 and has been active in the UK for nearly 10 years.

UK clients benefit not only from the solid experience in the UK market but also from the large-scale buying power as a result of the ongoing success on the German and European market. Due to the activity on the German market most of the building components and interior fit-out items as well as the heating technology are German brands - even the timber comes from Germany !

20% of DanWood houses are custom-designed for our clients but more than 50 tried-and-tested house types are also available, many of which were specifically developed for the UK market. I can help you with initial estimates and final fixed price quotations giving you the DanWood cost for your custom built home.

All our houses are low energy and high performance eco-houses which exceed current UK building regulations by far, using a super-insulated timber-frame system with triple-glazed windows, underfloor heating and a choice of technology packages with heat-pumps, heat recovery, solar panels etc as standard.

I am a specialist architect in timber frame eco houses which can also comply with Passive House/ Passivhaus standards.

People often ask us how Dan-Wood compares to Huf Haus, Meisterstuck, Baufritz, Weber, Hanse Haus and Scandia Hus house manufacturers and how to consider choosing between them. I am happy to explain our views so if you are considering one of these others then please give me a call or get in touch.  

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