Architect Designed,Custom Built Eco Bungalows

It has been many decades since bungalows were delivered in any numbers by house builders in the UK and yet bungalows and dormer bungalows remain very popular for home buyers in later years as they make very practical homes for retirement.

One possible solution is to design and build a custom built eco-house bungalow with our help once you have found a plot to build your new home on. Fully fitted out bungalow construction costs can start from around £100k plus the plot and foundations, making them very affordable. These bungalows can also usually be of an eco design to minimise running costs. Once you have found your plot, employing an architect and then purchasing a turnkey bungalow construction can get you the custom build bungalow or dormer bungalow of your dreams and doesn't need to involve all the hassle of self build but still deliver a design just for you. 

If you're looking for an architect to help you design and build your own bungalow then please get in touch and let us help you design and build a no-hassle and high-quality modern bungalow on your plot.