So how much will your design, planning or custom build house actually cost ?

Please contact us to have a chat through your ideas and project to get the best idea on cost, but as a rough guide : 

Architect Fees and expenses

Our fees are broken down according to each work or design stage. Below is a quick cost overview and description of each stage however your project may not require all of these stages. These stage cost estimates are based upon our hourly rate of £45 and ad hoc work is charged at the same rate unless we agree a fixed price quotation.

First Concept Proposals/Feasibility Study and Design Development:
Estimated cost from between £350 to £950 or more depending upon the project size and complexity

After meeting with you to hear what you are looking for I do first sketch designs to create some options. You then review these and pick your preferred one which I will develop into more detail. This includes usually two review meetings to review and refine the layouts until we reach a design you really like.

Drawings produced at this stage are usually a mix of hand-sketches, example photos of similar projects to explain the style you are looking for and possibly a few initial CAD floor plans. This stage does not include the full set of CAD drawings required for a full planning application, but will form the basis for an application or pre-application ie can be deducted partially or in full from the cost of a full application (see next paragraph).

Planning Application (Full Planning):
Estimated cost from between £1500 to say £3500 or greater depending upon the project size and complexity

If you would like us to run the whole planning process then I can provide the house design and all architectural drawings required for planning application and/or listed building consent including liaison with the local authority. This includes all plans, elevations, sections drawn up in CAD and the Design & Access Statement if required by the planners. As these vary from project to project they will be confirmed in one of the first meetings with the Local Authority. My fees will be adjusted accordingly. It might be necessary to also appoint other consultants (you may need a tree survey, a structural report or a bat survey, sometimes a heritage statement is required for listed properties, it might sometimes be good to appoint a planning consultant). I can advise on the necessity for this and recommend consultants.

We will ask you to send me a cheque payable to the local authority for their fees before making the Planning Application.

Pre-Application Process and Outline Application
Estimated at from £400 to say £800 depending upon the project size and complexity

This can be very worthwhile on contentious sites to get the planners' views before submitting a full application. It usually consist of a site plan showing the approximate footprint of your house in relationship to the site, including driveway, parking arrangements and possibly some examples/sketches/photos of what you are looking to build. If the result is positive and leads to a full planning application, this fee will be deducted partially or in full from the Planning Fees. Please note that some local authorities charge for pre-application advice, these charges are not included in my fee.

Additional Services/Future Work Stages:
Any extra services, should they be required, will be charged at an hourly rate of £45 unless we agree a fixed quotation for a schedule of deliverables. Extra services could be things like site meetings with the local authority e.g. with the conservation officers, or for additional drawings you or the LPA might want e.g. photomontages, any 3D drawings, additional sections etc. but I am very reasonable and flexible. 

My fees are based on the assumption that a building survey of floor plans and if required elevations is available in CAD format, I can advise on good survey companies. If you have some old printed floor pans these are usually enough for the initial concept.

Other expenses like photocopies and large-scale plan prints will be charged at net cost.

Any further stages like Building Regulation Application, Tender Documents, Working Drawings and Site Supervision or Project Management can be discussed after planning and are dependent on your preferences and how much assistance you would like.


Contact us for more detail - there is no charge to have a chat through your ideas and project !



Dan-Wood UK house prices start from a cost of around £100k for a turnkey finished bungalow with keys in your hand (excluding foundations, kitchen and plot). A three bed house might start at £150k. For a custom build that you don't need to do any project management or construction work on yourselves, that is very competitive and stress-free !

Dan-Wood build costs per square foot are from around £85 or alternatively typically between £850 and 1200 per square meter depending upon the house size and complexity of design. 

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